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    Exclamation Losing hair INTENSELY for months. Help!

    English Bulldog, Peaches, female, 11 months, 53 lbs, Taste of the Wild: Wildfowl Dry Food, Southern Nevada (allergy season began around mid-late February)

    She began shedding heavily in December, so I changed her food and got new bowls at the start of January. She transitioned for several weeks from "Candiae Life Stages: Chicken, Turkey, Lamb and Fish" to "Taste of Wild: Wildfowl". Within days starting the transition she was improving. By mid-January she had practically no hair loss/shedding at all. In mid-February she started shedding all over increasingly for a week. Then, when pollen began falling, her hair started coming out in tufts. Her food wasn't sealed air tight, and we keep her and the cat's food in a cabinet shared by the trash bin. So I got an airtight container, a new bag of food, and stored it in a different place. For the next few weeks she was still shedding excessively all over but not in tufts. Benadryl didn't help. In mid-March she tested negative for ringworm, demodex, bacterial infection, and did a fecal test. The vet said her skin was great and prescribed Atarax which did nothing. A week and a half later she came down with congestion and was prescribed penicillin. She cleared up within a few days, but, still worried and upset about the hair loss, I went to a different vet who guessed she either had staph or is nutritionally deficient. She stayed on the penicillin, and he recommended DinoVite. I found "Missing Link Ultimate Skin and Coat Dog Supplement", a similar product, and started he on it next day. It has been almost two weeks, and she is still shedding a lot, and it has become very noticeable on her back. Her muzzle around her mouth is looking pink lately I think from sparse hair. Yesterday her skin began flaking a bit on her back like dandruff.

    -not itchy
    -hair pulls out easily if pulled, especially on her back
    -no sores/scabs
    -doesn't consume wheat
    -no store bought treats
    -pieces of home cooked meat and veggies as treats - sautÚd or baked with salt, pepper, and olive oil generally
    -replaced her beef bone that she had since 7 weeks in mid-January with "Pen 'n Shape - Made in USA - Beef Bone Natural Dog Treat"
    -No rawhides or bully sticks since mid/late December
    -Start of December to mid-March I was home bound recovering from a broken leg, and she had outdoor daylight time for that period. My husband got her out for bathroom and exercise before and after work.
    -soap is from vet, something hypoallergenic

    Does this sound like a case of seasonal flank alopecia? Because she was nearly shed free while she was eating both foods together, does that show that one food alone wasn't providing all her nutritional needs? She hasn't been tested for staph, but also doesn't have sores or scabs. Could she still have staph despite that and taking penicillin? Can allergies cause this even though she isn't itchy? Does anyone have food recommendations? Can you recommend any other solutions?


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