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    how to help our grieving bulldog

    <span style="font-family:georgia;"><font size="3"><strong><em>&nbsp; &nbsp; Our English bulldog Ryder came from a local breeder with very few issues , a few hot spots , some grass seed boils on his paws but nothing major then one day my kids came home saying there was a English bulldog at their friends house and they didnt want him , a friend of theirs had left him their and we could probly buy him for cheap so we drove over and there was Max outside in the heat , itching and scratching on the chain link fence , eat up with fleas and all hot outside we just knew he was miserable , A $100 and he was ours. Max was beautiful inside and out , we rescued the stinkiest , most cant breathe , loud snoring dog we had ever seen , with in a months time he had chewed up 3 remotes , 2 cell phones , a pack of mini light bulbs , a 24 pack of #2 pencils and a pin cushion with pins in it and with no injuries if you can believe that ! Max was kinda prone to be sick alot with ear infections and his tail pocket was so deep we had to pay special attention there or infection set in , he had pancreatitis and later in life had teeth problems and then cancer was removed from his face a year ago , and since then we thought he was good untill i noticed a small pin size spot where the cancer had been removed , took him to our vet and she ran tests , the cancer was back and was more aggressive than before , we were sick over the thought of having him put to sleep , so many questions we worried about like how would we know when it was time and what if we waited to long or what if we took him to soon and then just dealing with knowing once we got there he would never be back .... just heart breaking , how could we make that choice ? Ryder was the trouble maker and max was our stinky peace keeper , white and fluffy and for 8 years we loved them both with everything we had , we spent thousands of dollars but we didnt care , he was worth every penny and we would spend 10 thousand more to make his life better but Max's life came to an end and im so thankful for the way it happened because it has made it easier for me to handle his death.... Max weezed a couple times out side in the yard , took a couple steps and layed down , He took his last breath exactly the way it should have been , at his own time NOT ours , we dug his grave by hand , out in the country , under a tree at a friends house , next to his Dog Maddie &nbsp;.... Ryder has never been with out Max and he is not doing good , he constantly makes a nip sound and a bark and a whining gurgle , he has a worried look on his face all the time , we dont know what to do to help him or make this easier for him .... I dont live where he does any more and his daddy works all day and i do too so hes home alone , I think a puppy is the only answer but thats a no go even if it was free , Dad says no he cant do it....any suggestions at all would be great , Thanks for letting me vent and tell you about our sweet sweet stinky boy r.i.p. Max &nbsp;&nbsp;</em></strong></font></span>

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