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    Help what is wrong with him!!!

    I have a year and a half year old male fixed victorian bulldog (english bulldog with a quarter american bulldog) he is around 55 lbs. I had been noticing hair loss on the bottom of his neck and exssesive shedding with was never anything hes had before.. I wrote it off as dry skin and tried to keep him moisturized. He has been on his food for a while now and it had always made his coat thick and his poop a healthy texture so it cant b that... he us on a routine everyday that has not changed but i noticed today his energy level is low and he gas wat looked like heat rash on his chest and the underside of his thighs then I noticed two scabs they dont look irritated but they are circular about the size of a nickel... today I noticed his poop not being as firm as usual he never has accidents but he left me a big pile of lose poop on the floor a few hours later not a full poop like he needed to poop but bits of diarrhea happened on the floor like he couldnt controle it while cleaning it I spotted blood and that's always scary im pregnant and on my way to pee I noticed a smaller amount of diarrhea and smaller amount of blood on the floor only an hour later now im watching him closely and hes laying down occationally sleeping wen hes awake hes panting and getting up and trying to get comfortable but u can tell he just doesn't feel good what can I do for him

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    sounds like he has gotten into something that didnt agree with him. could have gotten it outside or anywere. i would give him 2 benadryl and wash him in some hibiclenz from the drug store. you can also give some canned pumpkin (not pie filling) to help with the diarrhea. i hope he gets better soon. may need a vet visit if it keeps up


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