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    Winston (9 months old) pees in our bed while we are in it. What to do.

    Hi everyone,

    Winston is going on nine months of age. He is a very well trained pup. He has been house broken for some time now as well (obviously for every other part of the house but our bed). My question is not how to stop him from peeing in the bed, that is easy, don't let him sleep there. My question for someone who may know is why? My wife works 8 hour days and he is fine in his crate for the duration of time while she is gone. He can easily hold it that long now. I work out of state and am away from home for a month at a time usually, and then am home for a week or two before I have to go back to work. While I am gone some nights my wife gets lonely and gives in to the puppy dog eyes, and needs/wants him to be with her. But on SEVERAL occasions he literally gets into bed, right after going outside, and will pee in the bed right next to her. We do not get it. Please give me any information or insight you can provide into the situation. My wife is getting frustrated that she can not trust him in there any longer to spend the lonely nights with him! She needs your help more than me.

    Thank you all,


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    When we first adopted our bulldog he had this problem. He was 3 at the time. It only happened about five or six times. We still have no idea why. He would do it in his sleep and was so ashamed of himself when he woke up and realized what he had done.


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