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    Dec 2013
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    What do you think my bulldog is mixed with? first time owner.

    I am a first time bulldog owner I just picked up this puppy last sunday they claimed he was purebred english bulldog I did see the father who was purebred and an excelent looking bulldog however i did not see the mother. The pup has a very bully stance low to the ground wide in the front bowed legs everything about his body looks like a bulldog however his face is what makes me believe he is mixed.
    ppl keep saying boxer but I think its only because of the black in his face I looked up
    bulldog boxer hybrids
    bulldog Mastiff hybrids
    american bulldog english bulldog hybrids
    and beabulls
    he looks like none of the hybrids I looked up hes to short n stocky
    my best guess is a victorian bulldog mixed with english bulldog
    he was in a litter of six the other pups looked more purebred I just loved this little guy and his colors
    he is 11 weeks old
    what do you guys think I attatched pictures
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails screenshot_2013-12-12-17-10-22.jpg   img_4202.jpg  
    Attached Images Attached Images  

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    He does look like a beabull..but he could very well be a full bully too..sometimes they have longer noses..guess you'll be able to tell more as he grows..I love his colors, he is darling :)

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    Mar 2014
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    Possibly a bullboxer?


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