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    Question Scared of Doggy Door

    I live in a hot climate and have allowed my bulldog, Rooney (10 months) free access to the house and yard. He is very savvy about the heat and will take a dunk in his wading pool or dig a nice cool, dirt bed, and I have been very careful about watching him and not leaving him out for any extended period during the heat of the day. If I am home, he'll go out for a bit and come back in to enjoy the cool tile floor and continue to go back and forth. I'd like him to be able to do this when I'm away. Thus, I bought a doggy door. Rooney has always been afraid of any "metallic" noise -- drop a pan and you have to coax him back inside. He used the door a couple of times when a friend's dog (used to using a doggy door) was over and he would follow him through. On his own, he hit the side and I think it made "that" noise -- now he won't come through for anything from a high value treat to a chance to play with the grandkids. I've taken off the flap -- no luck. Right now I have taken down the door as I felt like I was making him more frightened to no avail. Two questions:
    1) Any advice on how to get him to use the door? How long should I wait before putting it back up?
    2) Any other bullies with noise issues?

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