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    House-breaking tips?

    We have an 8-month old bully. He seems to have gotten the fact that he pees outside, but pooping is another matter. If you don't catch him right away, he runs upstairs and poops in the hallway. He just isn't letting us know that he has to go. Any tips?

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    We did crate training with Daisy as well as using a baby gate to keep her from wandering. We tried the bell (having her ring it when she needs to go out, but that didn't work). The gate seems to work for her, took some time though. She now goes to the gate when she needs to go out. We found, in the beginning, that if we didn't react quickly enough she'd have an accident next to the gate. Also, we take her out right after every meal, if she doesn't poop or hasn't pooped in a while we put her in the crate (usually while we eat) then let her back outside when we are done. Takes time and I still don't trust her at night, so she is in the crate at night. I tell people it's a learning experience as much for the owner as it is for the pup. Keep working on it, don't give up. Believe me, we know how frustrating it can be.


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