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Thread: English Bulldog Facts

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    Lightbulb English Bulldog Facts

    So you are trying to decide if a English Bulldog is right for you. Here are some facts about the breed that you should be aware of before you make the plunge.

    • Bulldogs SHED. And it seems to stick to dark clothing like glue.
    • Bulldogs SNORE. Loudly!
    • Bulldogs FART. This depends on diet, but there isn't a day that goes by that our Bully hasn't farted. Some of them sound human.
    • Bulldogs BURP and SNORT and make all kinds of weird noises.
    • Bulldogs are prone to allergies.
    • Bulldogs can get pretty heavy. Average weight is around 45-55lbs.
    • Bulldogs are VERY expensive. This is true in initial cost and upkeep.
    • Bulldogs are POWERFUL chewers.
    • Bulldogs can be STUBBORN and will take extra patience training.
    • Bulldogs can overheat

    Some positive's:
    • Bulldogs will make you smile and laugh everyday.
    • Bulldogs are very loyal
    • Bulldogs make good condo pets as they do not require much exercise as other breeds.
    • Bulldogs seldom bark. Our Bully will only bark when someone is at the door, making her a good warning dog.

    Be sure to research your breeder to make sure you select the right puppy.

    If you have some other facts you would like to add, please post them.

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    Mine will pout a lot, messy eaters, OCD about things out of place, very easy going and the best pet you could ever own Oh and she makes me laugh daily

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    Bulldogs need a set routine and get very upset when it is disrupted.
    Bulldogs are great with children and are very protective...in fact, I trust my bully to babysit my girls more than i do my teenager! Lol
    They understand English when it benefits them, otherwise they pretend they know nothing.
    Bulldogs love to make you laugh and to comfort you when you are sad.
    They are impossible not to love.
    Quality dog food is a must. Every dog is different so it may take awhile to find the one that is just right for yours.

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    The Shedding was a surprise to me omg, bully fur is like SUPER glue. As for the farting true but the husband blames them all on the dog. Hmmmmmm I don't think so. She waits faithfully to burp when her face in right next to mine. lol. With all of her health problems (long past) she has cost me a year of collage at a good school. But, i spend a medical degrees worth. They are the best dog a person could have. They have all the L's.... Loving, Loyal, Laughs and Laid back. Everyone should have one!

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    They are the best dogs ever.

    They are very sensitive too. My guy does something that he sees as wrong, all I have to do is look at him and say his name and he puts his head down and looks at me out the corner of his eye lol.

    They need their folds cleaned often!

    They will blow snot in your face every time they get within a few inches of your face..

    and many many more!

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    They will drink globs of water than walk over to were you are at and drool all over your foot or face if you are laying down....would`nt trade her for the world


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