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Thread: Biting?

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    I have an 8 month old male english bulldog. He is very good when he is not excited listens to every command and behaves very well. But when he gets excited or wants to play its like he forgets everything. He jumps from couch to couch jumps on top of you. And worse of all he bites if you go to touch him not a viscious bite but it definitely hurts. I have tried putting toys in his mouth, caging him, taking my hand away and ignoring him, putting peanut butter on my hand and letting him lick and once i feel teeth pulling it away. Nothing works. He also chews on everything in the house no matter how many toys he has. Any suggestions?

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    First of all, bulldogs are "known" and sometimes, pro-longed chewers and I make sure when Truman puts his mouth on something he's not supposed to have, I make a loud AHHH noise to get his attention and say no. When he gets something he supposed to have, I praise him. This is my 3rd bulldog, but first bully puppy that I have had. My other 2 were rescue dogs. I've found that bulldogs will test and "bully" YOU to see what they can get away with, Truman does. You have to stay on top of them and let them know you are the boss, not them. If you haven't already, I would enroll your puppy in a good dog obedience class. Truman went through their Puppy 1 and Puppy II classes at Petsmart and both classes were well worth the money and you'll come away with lots of good advice and behavior training. Good luck!!


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