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    Question Traveling with People Aggressive Bullie!

    Hi there.

    I'm new to the site, obviously. A little background on my Jane. She's roughly 3yrs old (if just under that). She was rescued on the streets of NYC around a year of age. She was almost put down by the animal control due to her aggression. She was then kept in a kennel for a year waiting to find me. Which she absolutely did. When I got her she was being fostered but had to be kept separate from the other bullies due to a beef her and a male had. The fur on both sides of her stomach were gone due to her rubbing against her crate. I've now had her 3 months. All the fur has grown back and she really is a beautiful, smart girl. Almost toooooo intelligent haha. But her people aggression hasn't gone away. Almost ALL of her aggression stems from anxiety/fear. Thankfully I work from home because she has the worst case of separation anxiety I've ever seen (can you blame her??). With me, she's wonderful. A typical pain in the butt, always under foot, stubborn bulldog :) I don't allow rough playing at all, because she has no bite inhibition and can snap you pretty good. But in general she just wants my attention and to sleep at my feet when not tearing her toys apart. I feed her good organic, non grain food. She gets yogurt 3 times a week. Supplements. A bath once a month. Nails trimmed every two weeks. 5 walks a day. Folds and booty cleaned nightly. Basically- she's spoiled rotten.

    But heaven forbid someone walks by the house or lord, tries to come in. I do have an intern she initially bit but has since warmed up to and adores. But another friend she bit very badly. It should be said she's met about 10 of my friends and those two got bit for not listening to my "rules" (no eye contact, no reaching over her, stand your ground) They both reached over her head and she snapped. The one that got bitten very badly unfortunately reacted with absolute fear and Jane picked up on it. She has no food aggression and if there's another dog there she completely ignores people. I've never encountered this type of behavior. I realize this is rambling, forgive me.

    Basically, I'm about to put her on prozac. Not for me, but for her. She is a very anxious dog and I'm hoping a short regiment of Prozac will help her. She's so anxious all the time she licks her paws, shakes (like if they're wet) all the time and it's what causes her to attack people. We're about to move in with my long distance boyfriend at the end of the month.

    So I need advice on 1) introducing them. My plan is to have him feed her. We all know bulldogs can bought with food. Do you think that is a good plan? He's a big strapping guy and she poses no real threat to him, but I want them to get along. Janes heart is definitely in her stomach. 2) We're driving in a uhaul from Virginia to Indiana and I'm worried about her attacking the driver (a friend) and what to do with my two cats! She gets along with one but the other is old and sick (cancer) and he abhors her. They have separate areas in the house. So it'll be me, a driver/stranger, two cats and a people aggressive bulldog driving 11 hours in a Uhaul cab. Another car or ride is not an option. She starts no the Prozac this week so maybe my fear are for nothing, but ANY advice you can give me would be great. I honestly had planned on using her big doggy crate to put the cats in the back, but I didn't think of fumes or things falling on the crate... I'm not sure what to do here.

    Thank you in advance!!!

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