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    Life's a Bulldog....

    So I didn't know what that meant until one day the love of a baby bully caught me off guard. (Ruckus) well now that hes almost out of his pup years, well just call him Rocky, was actually brought home to be a companion for his older spoiled yorkiepoo sister. It was an odd couple, tiny toy dog and pudgy wobbly round thing...Despite there many differences, in time i noticed that they had formed a bond that i could honestly deem unscalable to anysd Ive seen before. Then devastation hit us both when his sister took a turn for the worst. I was completely sullen for I had lost my baby girl, and as for Rocky...youd just be able to see it in his eyes. Despite efforts trying to draw Rockys attention away from matters, inevitably, the time came when it dawned on me hard, that his sister would never come back. Somehow observationally, Rocky caught that. Thats when a thousand questions started to arise... It may have been pure coincidence, or maybe preplannedbut that was the very moment when my connection with the breed was to be devout. Knowing that I was going to break, never before,and the only time he has ever decided to, he makes his way over, runs up like the way no bulldog should, and then leaps right on to my lap. Rocky cant do that, hes a bulldog. Only his sister did that. Exactly the way his sister wouldve? Out out of all ttimes, did he know? to have done so Rock, you just .either.0y you gotta either be the most brilliant, lucky, smart, calculating, caring, loving, protective dog there is...or your just one of a kind... either way, I love ya kid. And this is why I HARD ENGLISH BULLDOGS. Thanks for welcoming me, and Im glad to be amongst people that can share the same amount of love for the breed as the way I do.

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