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Thread: Help

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    Hello people,

    I've taken the plunge and got myself a beautiful English bulldog. bad with it, I've a few questions.... Any help would be appreciated.

    1. The puppy dog food. It seems like we fed him nothing. A few granules of dry food. It's that right?

    2. The collar, when can I put it on. He's 8 weeks.

    3. Tips on potty training. Any. Thanks.

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    1. High quality food - kibble. Feed 2-3 times per day ~3/4 each time
    2. Collar - I put mine on my bully at 8 weeks of age. She would scratch at it for about a week 1/2 then she was used to it. Got her on a leash at 8.5 weeks to start training.
    3. Potty training - consistance is the key. She/he is a baby and can not hold their bladders for more than 1.5 hours. Frequent trips outside after sleeping, playing or eating. The big key is to watch her/him for signs that they may want to go potty, ie: sniffing, hiding or running out of the room.

    Good luck! Bullies are a lot of work... but, they will steal your heart!


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